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Business Mediation

Confidential negotiations, saving time and effort

While disputes are resolved before the courts in legal terms, they will often not be resolved in actuality.

This is quite different with business mediation: With the help of a business mediator, the parties can themselves reach a legally binding solution in consideration of their interests. Mediators mediate, conduct negotiations and promote the communication between the parties. As a means of an extrajudicial resolution of disputes, mediation becomes more and more important in business. Mediation can always be used if the objective is to conduct negotiations which are both confidential and save time and efforts. As an alternative to a court dispute, mediation is especially effective in connection with long-standing business relationships, if the facts and circumstances are complex and inadequately ascertainable in legal terms, and if the evidence is difficult to assess.

In addition to the indispensable legal knowledge relating to mediation procedures, your contact, Hendrik Bourguignon, has well-founded methodical knowledge acquired within the scope of recognised training. He is able to apply in a targeted manner the recognised procedures as a mediator and to assist and advise you in mediation proceedings as your counsel.

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